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Interview with Gauthier Schaal, marine biology researcher

What are the objectives of this field trip?

“There are two main focuses, in my opinion, for those field trips: to illustrate coastal marine biodiversity and to present different sampling methods onboard”.

Is there a follow-up of the communities sampled since the start of the field trips? 

“I have been doing those field trips for 10 years, taking over from my colleagues. There isn’t a quantitative follow-up of the biodiversity sampled, only a qualitative one. From my personal observations, there seems to be more Crepidula and less macrofauna, especially certain species of crabs. Dredging only allows a qualitative observation of coastal biodiversity, we actually want to improve this teaching unit by setting up standardized sampling and results exploitation”.

How do you feel about these trips?

“I really enjoy those trips, it allows me to meet the students at the start of the year and to keep a link with field observations. Also, I have been eating very well coming home from those field trips, especially with scallops and cuttlefishes”.