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Multidisciplinarity at the heart of marine sciences

The teaching unit « Inter-SML » aims to promote interdisciplinarity by bringing together students from different backgrounds around a common problem. This year, the issue focused on the vulnerability of socio-ecosystems to climate change. This strategic teaching unit reflects the importance of considering the expertise of each discipline involved in the problem. This approach, favoring the complementarity of knowledge, makes it possible to improve the understanding of the problem studied in order to ultimately provide the most relevant response possible.

Final task

Personal comments from group members
We are all in Biology


These different workshops were a real source of knowledge sharing between disciplines !

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CAUSSE Emmanuel

I particularly liked when we produced a play on mediation about the construction of a power plant in French Guiana. FNE, GNE and physicists experts obtained the suspension of the building permit in front of EDF and the will of the government.


Sharing and exchanging around a problem with other students is an enriching experience! Everyone has their own vision of the same subject and focuses their attention on a particular point……

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It’s really interesting to exchange with other student with different backgrounds on a single problem. It was useful to have different points of view to find solutions

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I enjoyed passing on knowledge in my field. It has allowed me to improve my communication skills with a specialised but less knowledgeable audience.

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You have no training or professional experience.

Come and do a training course at the UBO in Jun 2023 about blue economy, which includes the main lines of multidisciplinarity

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