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PROTECT : atelier sur les écosystèmes marins arctiques – 17/18 avril

Cet atelier est organisé par Anne Choquet (AMURE, UBO), Melina Kourantidou (Postdoctorante Bienvenüe et ISblue, AMURE) et Emmanuelle Quillerou (AMURE, UBO) et soutenu par ISblue et EuroMarine Network.

Abstract and information:

Acknowledging that conservation of Arctic marine resources along with the ecological and economic systems upon which they depend, require more direct policy action to achieve multiple socio-economic and ecological goals, the PROTECT workshop/writeshop is bringing together expertise from :

  • different disciplines to identify key challenges and interdisciplinary pathways and
  • Arctic and non-Arctic states. 

The workshop will serve as a horizon scoping exercise where besides ongoing research presented, participants will be challenged to identify new ways of addressing pressing research questions that contribute to an advanced understanding of the shifts in Arctic marine environments, social and ecological implications of those.

Place & Date: Brest, France, 17-18 April 2024 
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17 - 18 Avr
Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise (Plouzané)