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ISblue Direction and Operational team

The ISblue direction covers research, training and partnerships with socio-economic actors. It is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the strategy and decisions of the Governing Board, including :

  • The allocation of the project budget to the different actions and its follow-up, after overall agreement of the Governing Board
  • Launching calls for projects and organising the examination of responses,
  • Selection of projects and actions to be financed after advice from the Operational Committee,
  • Implementation of projects and actions,
  • Development of relations with the various stakeholders external to the project, in particular companies, competitiveness poles, training organisations and foreign partners (other graduate school-type structures),
  • Assessments and progress reports to the operational committee, the international scientific council and the governance council.

The direction is supported by the ISblue operational team, which runs the project on a daily basis.


Christophe Claramunt
(Ecole Navale)

Operational team

Coordination and management

Ayrton Philippe
Project assistant

Doctoral Schools


ISblue HUB


Aurélie Mathieu
Responsible for the doctoral component
Laure de Montbron
Community animation
Joséphine Corre
Hub manager

Pedagogical engineering

Paula Jacques
PIM Coordination
Maxime Kernec
Imagery and Virtual reality
Carole Faucheux-Trebern
Pedagogical engineer
Quentin Millière
Scientific mediation

Administrative support

Within ISblue partner institutions, proximity administrators are in charge of carrying out the projects’ financial operations.