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Blue Learning Spot / Digital Platform

Blue Learning Spot is a digital platform dedicated to the sea, combining a training platform (Moodle) and a social network (Scoople).

Blue Learning Spot is a digital learning platform designed in line with the development of teaching practices and learning methods, taking into account the major challenge that digital technology represents for our society, particularly in education.

It takes the new and innovative form of an interconnected learning community that learns individually and in groups thanks to the integration of a social network. In addition to training as the main feature, it is also crucial to provide the members of the ISblue community with tools that can be accessed via a platform that offers a real place for exchanges, where it is easy to communicate, collaborate and find quality information and data.


  • Offering a resource platform that includes training courses on maritime topics
  • Developing a learning community in marine sciences and technologies, without geographical constraints
  • Providing a social network, giving visibility to the ISblue community
  • Providing new tools for high-quality data and information, exchanges and collaboration

Blue Learning Spot is open to everyone. Go to the platform to sign in. In just a few clicks, you can access the platform using your ENT/CAS connection or by quickly creating your account on the home page.

Coordination Blue Learning Spot: bls@univ-brest.fr