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PACTE : Kick off Flagship project – 27th June 2022

The interdisciplinary project PACTE “PAst to Current land-sea Continuum: socio-ecosystem trajectories derived from a regional pilot site” (PI A. Penaud, Geo-Ocean, IUEM) aims to reconstruct the trajectory of the socio-ecosystem of the Brest roadstead (taken as a pilot site representative of semi-enclosed coastal bays), in response to a range of climatic modifications and anthropic pressures, at the level of the main tributary rivers, the Aulne and the Elorn, and over the last two centuries at least.

The main objective is to reconstruct the first chrono-systemic frieze of the evolution of the socio-ecosystem of the Brest roadstead by deploying an integrated study strategy combining:

  • sedimentological, geochemical, palaeoecological and palaeogenetic retroobservation from estuarine sedimentary archives,
  • with the analysis of historical records of use and occupation of catchment areas (agriculture, industrial activities), maritime activities (fishing, aquaculture) and major climatic events (storms, extreme temperatures, floods), instrumental monitoring of river and coastal hydro-systems, and
  • numerical modelling of the physico-biogeochemical trajectory of estuaries within the land-sea continuum (flow rate, water temperature, concentration, nutrient ratios and fluxes, oxygenation rate, phytoplankton biomass, etc.) based on the coupling of fluvial and estuarine/marine models.

The project will be presented on 27th June at the Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise (PNBI) in Plouzané.
This event is open to all upon registration before 10th June.

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Programme of the day :

Presentations will be in French or English at the convenience of the speakers. If the presentation is in French, the slides will be in English.

  • 9.15am: Welcome to participants
  • 9.30am: Round table and general presentation of PACTE by A. Penaud, PACTE on the ISblue website by L. de Montbron
  • 10am: Presentation “WP1 : Project coordination” with the budget by A. Penaud & presentation of the operating rule for the use of credits by Nadine Réniers/Delphine Le Roux
  • 10.15am: Presentation “WP 2: Geomorphological and landscape changes (coord. J. Goslin and C. Lambert)“, Clément Lambert for a presentation of the article Lambert et al. (2020): “Striking forest revival at the end of the Roman Period in north‑western Europe”, Jérôme Goslin for the PACTE campaign planned on Haliotis/Thalia (Ifremer)
  • 10.35am: Questions regarding WP2
  • 10.45am: Coffee break
  • 11am: Presentation WP 3: Shifts in biological communities (coord. R. Siano and J. Sutton) : Raffaele Siano for a presentation of the article Siano et al. (2021) “Sediment archives reveal irreversible shifts in plankton communities after World War II and agricultural pollution” + Jill Sutton for a presentation on silicifying organisms and the silicon cycle at IUEM
  • 11.30am: Questions regarding WP3
  • 11.45am-1.45pm: Lunch break at PNBI
  • 2pm-2.45pm: Scott Mensing conference: “Combining paleo and historical approaches to build robust explanations of environmental transformations
  • 3pm: Presentation WP 4: Modelled-data comparison (coord. M. Raimonet and Y-M. Paulet): Lucas Bosseboeuf (PhD in History) for a presentation of Histo-Rade, Mélanie Raimonet for a presentation on land-sea continuum modelling
  • 3.30pm: Questions regarding WP4
  • 3.45pm: Data management Plan – Databases : Jean-Baptiste Pressac for a presentation of PRELIB (Projet de recherche en littérature bretonne), Wikidata and Wikibase and Mathias Rouan for a presentation of POPS: a collaborative project management platform, and INDIGEO: a spatial data infrastructure
  • 4.10pm: Societal expectations, watershed managers, “contrat de Rade” : Nathalie Rey / Dissemination of the scientific knowledge, Océanopolis-70.8 : Pascale Nicol
  • 4.30pm: Tea break 
  • 5pm-5.45pm: Bryna Cameron-Steinke conference : “Early medieval Brittany: climate, environment and human activities” (early medieval landscape and epidemiological history)
  • 5.45pm-6.30pm: Further discussions before ending the day with remarks, suggestions, comments, ideas…
27 Jun
09:15 18:30
Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise (PNBI), Plouzané