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Climate PIM: imagining Brest Métropole as a carbon-neutral territory in 2050

In January 2024, as part of a joint interdisciplinary project (PIM), 16 Masters students from UBO, UBS, ENSTA Bretagne and IMT Atlantique studied the four ADEME scenarios for imagining a carbon-neutral Brest in 2050.

In order to tackle the urgency of the climate change situation and speed up the decision-making process, ADEME (Agence de la Transtion Ecologique) presented a forward-looking report in 2022 entitled “Transition(s) 2050”. It proposes 4 scenarios for a carbon-neutral society, from the least to the most “technological”.

The students discovered these ADEME scenarios, which are based on the fields of energy, food, mobility and housing. By working together on foresight and following discussions with Brest Métropole’s teams in these 4 areas, the students drew up scenarios adapted to Brest Métropole’s territory in 2050.

BREST 2050 – read the 4 scenarios

Educational Objectives

During the one-week PIM workshops, the students developed the knowledge they needed to better grasp the systemic dimension of climate issues and understand the local issues involved in adapting to climate change.

Guided and supervised by Anne Marie Tréguier, director of ISblue and co-author of an IPCC report, Guillaume Roullet, teacher-researcher in physics at LOPS, Manuelle Philippe, research engineer at the AMURE laboratory and Myriam Nourry, teacher-researcher at AMURE, the students were able to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.