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IA-G PIM: Exploring Artificial Generative Intelligence

In January 2024, as part of a shared interdisciplinary project (PIM), 16 Masters students from UBO, UBS and ENSTA Bretagne explored the uses of Artificial Generative Intelligences for science with a critical approach.

Artificial Generative Intelligences (AI-G) are already present in fields such as text, image, video, music, translation and computer code generation. These technologies arouse both fascination and fear in professional and scientific circles because of their transformative potential.

Students were invited to explore the use of these tools to understand how they work and how they are used, while adopting a critical and informed perspective. The PIM workshop raised questions about the use of AI-G in scientific research and the ethical and social challenges involved.

Researchers were invited to take part in discussions and propose practical exercises designed to explore the ethical implications and detect the distortions and ‘hallucinations’ of AGIs. Students were able to learn how to ask the right questions to the machines to better understand how they work.

The students learnt about the ethical and social responsibility issues that are at the heart of these technologies. At the end of the week’s workshop, they produced a good practice guide based on their observations.

Access the IA-G Good Practice Guide