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ISblue COP – COP simulation by UBO students

Students work on solutions to ocean-related issues in this local-scale COP simulation.

ISblue COP is an educational project simulating a Conference of the Parties (COP) with UBO students: 8 Masters degree students in marine and coastal sciences from the IUEM as well as geography bachelor students.

The Master’s students, representing the parties involved in the COP, present their negotiation results, which will have taken place earlier in the morning, in the form of a press conference. Various sustainable development themes are addressed, including marine renewable energies and sustainable tourism. The undergraduate students will take on the role of journalists at the press conference and will question the various parties involved in the conference.

A group of Master’s students also studied the controversial aspect of the COP, as part of the societal debate.

A presentation of their work and thoughts will follow the press conference, bringing ISblue COP #3 to an end.

Every year, the press conference is followed by a presentation of the students’ work and thoughts, to round off the ISblue COP day at the Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (I.U.E.M).

Presentation of the debates and agreements concluded during the simulation of the COP in 2022.
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