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RISCOREV: COastal RISks and Virtual REality

The aim of this project is to offer a training tool on two coastal threats (erosion and submersion) using virtual environments (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) for elected representatives and residents, in order to initiate discussions on limiting future vulnerability to coastal risks.

Original Features of the Project

  • Better understanding of coastal risks, whether erosion or flooding
  • Exploring virtual and augmented reality with specialists from ENIB’s European Centre for Virtual Reality (CERV)
  • Meeting local managers to build scenarios together
  • Thinking about how to carry out an acculturation project for a wide range of audiences
  • Working in a multidisciplinary approach

Objectives for 2023

  • Proposing ideas for risk scenarios with ENIB students
  • Submitting scenarios to elected representatives, managers and residents to ensure the success of the virtual reality and augmented reality project
  • Establishing in detail the virtual experience chosen by each municipality and the resources required to ensure that the experience is as interactive as possible.
  • Collecting the missing data from the databases in the field to simulate erosion and flooding risks
  • Offering an initial simulation for each municipality
  • Providing new data to ENIB students
Demonstration on a tablet or in the CERV “Cave” – Credit: ENIB/UBO

Multidisciplinary Team

The project is coordinated by Pauline Letortu (teacher-researcher, UBO, LETG), supported by a multidisciplinary team composed of:

Press Review

January 2023: Broadcast on Radio Évasion – “La réalité virtuelle pour sensibiliser aux risques côtiers en Finistère avec RISCOREV

December 2022: Ouest-France article – “Guissény. Un plein d’infos environnementales pour le conseil

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