People on board

Scientists from France (MARBEC, LOPS, LEMAR, MIO, LOCEAN, LOG, Université de la Réunion), South Africa (Nelson-Mandela University in Port-Elisabeth, Cape Town, Stellenbosch), Mozambique, United Kingdoms and United States of America host a Floating University (21 students and supervisors from University of Bretagne Occidentale, University of du Littoral Côte d’Opale et University of Côte d’Azur

Some key peoples

Principal Investigator (PI): Jean-Francois Ternon (IRD). The PI pilots all the scientific activities of the different teams on board for the success of the scientific objectives of the campaign. During the Resilience mission, the PI is supported by 3 co-PIs: Steven Herbette (University of Bretagne Occidentale), Margaux Noyon (Nelson-Mandela University) and Pierrick Penven (IRD).

Opexo: Vincent Gabriel (Genavir). The Opexo plays the crucial role of main interface between the scientific team and the ship’s crew. He is the link between the mission leader and the captain, and more generally responds to the scientists’ requests about the operation on board (always with a smile!)

Captain: Charles Souffre (LDA). The commander is the supreme authority on board, he coordinates all the operational activities on the boat as well as his crew. He meets every day with the scientific team and the Opexo in order to review the current day and plan the next ones.

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