Scientific conferences

Throughout the campaign, the scientists on board give daily scientific conferences to exchange with their colleagues and the students. Some students also take the opportunity to talk about their internship experiences. You will find here the summaries in text and video format.

Conference by Pierrick Penven – Western boundary currents and eddies in the Mozambique Channel

Conference by Steven Herbette – Impact of oceanic turbolence at (sub-)mesoscales on primary production

Flashtalk by Alycia Valvandrin and Guerric Barrière

Flashtalk by Nasreen Burgher and Gustav Rautenbach

Conference by Ryan Cloete – Geofish for trace metals

Conference by Angelee Pavanee Annasawmy – Distribution of Micronekton in the South West Indian Ocean

Conference by Damian Mooney – Engineering solutions for marine science and conservation

Conference by Arthur Blanluet – Drifting Fish Aggregation Devices and pelagic MPAs: did they drain tuna outside of MPA boundaries?

Conference by Anne Lebourges-Dhaussy – Acoustics to explore physical/biological interactions

Conference by Ceiça Chioze – Abundance and distribution of zooplankton communities on the Mozambican shelf

Conference by Floriane Sudre – Spatio-temporal variability of ocean fronts in the Mozambique Channel and influence on marine ecosystems

Conference by Fernando Gómez – Interactions between phytoplanktonic organisms (symbiosis, predation)

Conference by Gwenith Penry – Tagging marine mammals to address conservation issues

Conference by Mandy Lombard – How to design a Marine Protected Area?

Conference by Christophe Mocquet – A 10-year study of the marine biodiversity of the Lerins archipelago (Cannes, France) by students

Conference by Jordan Toullec – Biological Carbon Pump during the Ice-Edge Arctic Phytoplankton Bloom

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