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Master (MSc) in Hydrography / Oceanography



The syllabus covers the study of the marine environment: course modules are devoted to Descriptive Oceanography, Marine Geology, Marine Meteorology and Sedimentary Hydrodynamics.

You will study in depth the different sensor systems used in hydrography: single and multi-beam echo-sounders, positioning systems, inertial systems, imaging sonar, Doppler sonar… all are complex measurement systems, which require in-depth knowledge of their functioning.

Finally, you will discover the products of Hydrography: methods for managing and processing bathymetric data, digital elevation models, marine charts.


  • Bathymetry
  • Data processing
  • Geodesy and positioning technology
  • Management of geographic data
  • Descriptive Physical Oceanography

How to apply

Admission & registration

Graduate students with a French “Licence” degree, Bachelor or equivalent in Geomatics, Geophysics, Marine Environment or in a more general field of Earth Sciences, Environment or Physical Geography.


Registration – ENSTA Bretagne


ENSTA Bretagne, Brest, France