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Master (MSc) in Naval Engineering



The Naval Engineering course provides an opening towards the maritime sector. Its aim is to provide basic knowledge related to the upstream and applied research activities developed at the Naval School’s Research Institute and by its academic and industrial partners in the naval, nautical and marine energy sectors.

The training offer is in line with the industrial context of naval system design, energy conversion and the emergence of renewable marine energies in the marine environment.


The training is based on mandatory modules consisting of five to six modules, generally supplemented by two cross-cutting modules.

The lecturers are mainly teacher-researchers from the “Arts et Métiers” department delegated to the Ecole Navale (Naval Academy) and lecturers from external organisations recognised in their field. The teacher-researchers carry out their research work at IRENav and teach most of their courses at the Naval Academy.

How to apply

Admission & registration

Registration on the Naval Academy’s website

Application due in June to start in September.


Pedagogical secretary : magalie.lamande@ecole-navale.fr


Naval Academy (École Navale), Brest and Lanvéoc, France