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Campaigns at sea

Learning in the field

ISblue supports professional and technical training on land and at sea.

The Floating University is organised on board the large French research vessels (Marion Dufresne and Pourquoi Pas?) following a national call from the French Oceanographic Fleet. Students participate in a campaign at sea and are directly involved in the operations on board. They interact with the ship’s staff, report on their activities and organise scientific communication (daily interviews). Floating University blog 2018.

In 2021, three “Floating Universities” operations were planned, including one led by IUEM (SEZAM campaign off Mozambique). Unfortunately, health conditions led to the cancellation of the latter, as well as the DIPOMOUSS campaign in the Indian Ocean.

The only Floating University finally realised in 2021 is the one on GHASS-2 in the Black Sea, on the M/O “Pourquoi Pas? It is co-organised with the University of Montpellier and Sorbonne Universities (Paris). Two IUEM Master students from the Earth Sciences and Marine Chemistry departments are participating. ISblue is in charge of their transportation between Brest and the port of departure.

Find here all the information on the GHASS-2 campaign

Léa Giannecchini (M1 Marine Chemistry) and Justine Flahaut (M1 Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environment) on board the “Pourquoi Pas ? – August 2021

Proposals for Floating Universities