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Rachel’s experience in Guadeloupe, meeting bottlenose dolphins

Since its creation, ISblue has been supporting international mobility including French overseas departments and territories through its calls for international mobility for Master’s students.

Rachel, a master’s student in Biology, describes her experience of mobility in Guadeloupe during a Master 1 placement funded by ISblue.

“The aim of my placement was to obtain information that is essential for tackling the management and conservation issues facing bottlenose dolphins in the Guadeloupe archipelago. The course gave me an introduction to photo-identification work, both in the field and in analysis, and to the use of new software to process the results.

What’s more, a publication based on the work I’ve done is currently being written, giving me an introduction to the scientific writing process. This work placement in Guadeloupe has given me confidence in my career prospects, which are to work in marine biology to promote the conservation of marine mammals.”

Rachel, Master student in Marine Biology