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Julien, E2AME master’s graduate (2019)

“I attended the Master of Applied Economics Agriculture, Sea and Environment from 2017 to 2019 in order to specialise in the economic and technical aspects of agriculture and sea resources, after a first training in international economics at Sciences Po Bordeaux.

The E2AME training, which allowed me to study first on the IUEM campus in Plouzané, then on the Agrocampus Ouest campus in Rennes, provided me with essential tools and keys to understanding these issues. The rigorous practice of economics and statistical techniques is ideally complemented by courses on French and European public policy and field trips. The Master’s program perfectly met my desire to strengthen my scientific knowledge in order to pursue my professional project in the complex issue of the fight against climate change.

Driven by a particular interest for the agricultural subjects of the Master, I did my end-of-study internship at the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament. I was able to discover in practice the construction of the Common Agricultural Policy, to live from the inside the European elections of 2019 and to take a closer interest, within the framework of my end-of-study thesis, in the subject of the supply of vegetable proteins in the European Union.

Following this internship, I joined the service for science and technology of the French Embassy in Germany, in charge of energy, agronomy, marine sciences and climate. This position, which I have held since January 2020 as part of an international volunteer contract, mainly consists in studying German research policies and promoting scientific cooperation between the two countries, by acting as an intermediary and organizing events.

The proximity of the E2AME Master’s degree to the research community is particularly useful in my dialogue with scientists. Its double specialisation on agricultural and maritime subjects, with a consequent common core, also allows me to have good notions on a wide range of subjects.”

Julien, Master Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea and Environment (2019)