Applied economics




The objectives are to train economists specialised in the field of agricultural economics, the economics of marine resources and the coastal environment, but also in the analysis of public policies relating to agriculture, the environment, marine resources or rural and coastal development.


The master offers a wide range of options, allowing students to gradually refine their professional project towards a “maritime” or “agricultural” focus. It favours an active and professionalising teaching method with a 6-month internship in M2.

How to apply

Admission & registration

Bachelor’s degree in Master 1, Postgraduate level in Master 2 or  with validation of acquired experience.


Pedagogical secretariat :


In Master 1, semester 7 takes place at IUEM in Plouzané – Technopôle Brest Iroise. From semester 8, courses are in Rennes on West Agrocampus site.


« Pierre, E2AME master’s graduate (2020) »

From 2018 to 2020, Pierre attended the master’s degree in Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea and Environment at the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM). During this course, he became passionate about the marine environment and its consideration in public policies. “I put this into practice by working on the interactions between marine habitats and maritime…

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Pierre, Master Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea and Environment (2020)

« Julien, E2AME master’s graduate (2019) »

“I attended the Master of Applied Economics Agriculture, Sea and Environment from 2017 to 2019 in order to specialise in the economic and technical aspects of agriculture and sea resources, after a first training in international economics at Sciences Po Bordeaux. The E2AME training, which allowed me to study first on the IUEM campus in…

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Julien, Master Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea and Environment (2019)

« Mathieu, E2AME master’s graduate (2019) »

“After obtaining my Master’s degree in Economics applied to the sea at the IUEM in 2019, I joined two consultancies, in Paris and then in Nantes, specialising in port and maritime professions. When I started my professional life, my training enabled me to easily understand the issues in spaces that are constrained in terms of…

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Mathieu, Master Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea and Environment (2019)

« Faozia, graduate, E2AME Master, 2020 »

“After completing a degree in agricultural economics, I joined the E2AME Master’s programme with the aim of focusing on the maritime sector, given the many opportunities for global growth it offers as well as the multiple challenges it faces nowadays. Through the different knowledge and skills acquired during my training, I was able to work…

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Faozia, Master Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea and Environment (2020)