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Management of the environment


Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment course

To train the future actors of the coast, capable of understanding the environmental and societal management issues at stake. Considering the recent multiplication of texts related to the management of the sea and the coastline, sea-oriented jobs should develop in the fields of maritime spatial planning and marine energies. On the coast, issues related to climate change should call for expertise in the field of coastal risks.

The multidisciplinary content of the teaching combines five main disciplines (geography, biology, chemistry, law and economics). Local and national stakeholders from the socio-professional world play a major role in EGEL training. The courses are attended by 80 professionals. Some of these interventions are carried out in the field, thus allowing students to take better account of the realities.

Courses are given at the Institut Universitaire Européen de la mer (IUEM), part of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO).

More information in English on the IUEM website

Programme on the university website (in French)



« Jody Kimberley, Master 2 EGEL »

Jody Kimberley Grollier, student in Master 2 Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment, has completed a 6-month internship in the LETG-Brest laboratory. “Last March, I joined the LIMITES research project within the LETG-Brest laboratory. The ISblue internship gratification allowed me to launch a first exploratory study on the issue of the delimitation and marking…

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Jody Kimberley, Master 2 Expertise et Gestion de l’Environnement Littoral