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Earth, Planetary & Environmental Sciences



The objectives cover a wide range of themes: understanding coastal dynamics, the evolution of the Earth’s mantle, the dynamics of rifts, margins, ridges, and sedimentary, paleo-climatic and paleo-environmental records.  The work proposes a multidisciplinary and multiproxy approach based on instrumental poles: ocean spectrometry pole-instrumental pole in geophysics-sedimentology/micropaleontology/palynology pole.


Ocean Geosciences

The Ocean Geosciences Course is closely linked to the eponymous laboratory. Graduates of this Master’s degree will be able to develop and design research projects, provide expertise and advice within public or private structures in the fields of geosciences and, in particular, marine geosciences. This master’s degree allows the pursuit of a PhD in the field of marine geosciences.

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Engineering and Management of Coastal Resources

The course is clearly intended for non-academic professional integration in the management of coastal and coastal resources with SMEs in the sector, local authorities and large groups whose work affects these environments. At the end of this course, students will have multidisciplinary skills in the management and exploitation of mineral and biological resources with an understanding of the notions of risk and vulnerability. 

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How to apply

Admission & Registration

Bachelor level (Licence) in Environmental Sciences, General Biology, Geology, Geomorphology, Geography, Regional Planning with selection based on application or with validation of acquired experience.

Registration by entering the electronic file (e-application) before the end of June on the establishments’ websites.


Pedagogical secretariat :

IUEM (UBO) : scolarite-iuem@univ-brest.fr

UBS : sandra.leray@univ-ubs.fr


Engineering and Management of Coastal Resources : Vannes, France

Ocean Geosciences : Plouzané – Technopôle Brest Iroise, France


« Solène, Master 2 IGREC-L (UBS Vannes) »

During her Master’s degree in Engineering and Management of Coastal Resources (IGREC-L) at the UBS in Vannes, Solène Niqueux carried out her internship in the BOREA laboratory of the Université des Antilles (Guadeloupe), in order to study the impact of micro-currentology on the larval recruitment of reef fish in the Caribbean. “Thanks to this internship,…

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Solène, Master 2 Engineering and Management of Coastal Resources (2021)