The Tourism Master’s degree trains students in tourism and leisure activities, especially in maritime and coastal areas (seaside practices, cruise activities, nautical tourism, fishing and tourism, discovery of maritime heritage, seaside ecotourism, etc.). Its aim is to provide students with both knowledge of the tourism sector and the coastal environment, and mastery of management tools for coastal tourism activities and structures.


  • shared teaching between academics and professionals in the tourism and coastal environment sectors.
  • a short internship in Master 1 (12 weeks), a long internship in Master 2 (18 to 20 weeks), in France or abroad.
  • numerous partnerships with institutional or professional structures directly linked to coastal tourism.

How to apply

Admission & registration

Bachelor’s degree in geography, law, economics, management, languages…).


Pedagogical secretariat in Quimper :


Pierre-Jakez Hélias Centre, Quimper