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Chemistry and life sciences



  • To prepare young scientists for PhDs with a strong background in Marine Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Biogeochemistry.
  • To prepare engineers who can directly integrate the professional environment in the field of Environmental Chemistry.


A wide variety of teaching methods: field trips with reduced numbers of staff, embarkation at sea, practical work, tutored projects, case studies and participatory teaching.

A teaching unit shared with the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) allowing joint participation of French and Dutch students in scientific fieldwork.

How to apply

Admission & Registration

Selection on application file (course, motivation, professional project) for students with a basic training such as a Bachelor’s degree (License or License Pro) in Chemistry, Chemistry-Physics, Biochemistry, Environmental chemistry or biogeochemistry.

Also accessible through the various learning validation systems.


Pedagogical secretariat : scolarite-iuem@univ-brest.fr


Plouzané – Technopôle Brest-Iroise, France


« Camberra, Master 2 Chemistry and life sciences (2020) »

Camberra Gauyat completed a 5-month internship in Mexico thanks to ISblue funding as part of the Master’s degree in marine environmental chemistry. Subject of the internship: Valorisation of two biomasses: Agave lechuguilla and Sargasso for the cosmetic field. “I spent 5 months in Mexico, in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, in order to valorise…

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Camberra, Master 2 Chemistry and life sciences (2020)