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Mathieu, E2AME master’s graduate (2019)

“After obtaining my Master’s degree in Economics applied to the sea at the IUEM in 2019, I joined two consultancies, in Paris and then in Nantes, specialising in port and maritime professions. When I started my professional life, my training enabled me to easily understand the issues in spaces that are constrained in terms of use and fragile in terms of environmental issues.

I was provided with deep knowledge on the issue of fishing and it allowed me to accompany developing countries, such as the Comoros and Togo, to develop fish production in order to meet the challenges of food security and sustainability. It also helped me to quickly get my bearings when conducting strategic studies through the working method that had already been tested in class.

For me, the three strengths of this training are:

  • The rigour of economic reasoning;
  • A specific and very high level sectoral knowledge;
  • The initiation to powerful, efficient and applicable reasoning and analysis tools.”
Mathieu, Master Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea and Environment (2019)